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Sales Representative Position

Position: Sales Representative

Job Description:

The sales representative position will begin at 20 hours/week, Monday through Friday. Schedule can be somewhat flexible, but does require a minimum of 4 days per week. Upon completion of 2-month probationary period, it will increase to 40/hours a week

The sales representative will source leads and contact potential wholesale customers to pitch our product lines. Sales representatives will be able to research potential buyers and create customized sample packets of our products to send and encourage sales. This position requires tracking sample pack shipments and following up with potential buyers to close the sale. The ideal candidate will take ample notes about potential buyers, what products they sent in the sample packs, dates of contact, etc., and then analyze data from their sales to implement similar sales techniques in the future.

This is an in-office position so you must be local to the Tucson, AZ area.

Compensation: $13.00/hourly + 15% commission on opening orders.


• Great track record in sales
• Ability to type professionally and with proper grammar
• Comfortable making phone calls
• Self-motivated and driven
• Proven ability to build and maintain positive working relationships with customers
• Detail oriented and able to take accurate notes of interactions with customers
• Excellent communication skills


• Sell our products and complete the process of that sale from start to finish
• Become familiar with our products
• Track down new sales prospects and maintain relationships with potential future buyers
• Create and ship sample packs to send to potential buyers with a variety of our products that fit their shop aesthetic
• Ensure that sample packs arrive and follow up with potential buyers about purchasing our products
• Take notes of when buyers have been contacted, when shipments are sent, arrive, their interest level, etc.


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