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About Us

What's Turtle's Soup?!

Turtle's Soup is a fun & quirky stationery and gift brand that emphasizes eccentricity with bright and bold colors, whimsical design, and a splash of sarcasm. The company got its start in 2013 after partners Melanie, a lifelong artist/illustrator and lover of all things animal, and Christopher, an aspiring designer & entrepreneur with a knack for business, put their heads together and came up with Turtle's Soup, the name born out of their shared love for turtles & tortoises, puns, and general silliness.

As the illustrator for Turtle's Soup, many of Melanie's influences stem from her childhood passion for playfully catching all sorts of critters, from rare beetles to slithering snakes, and even octopus while tidepooling in Mexico. She has also found inspiration in pattern design, horticulture, and the video games that she grew up playing.

As the two have grown, so has Turtle's Soup. Now 6 years later in 2019, we've seen the company blossom from its roots as a small Etsy startup to an internationally recognized brand with over 400 retailers worldwide, as well a stint with Urban Outfitters. They have been featured in publications including BuzzFeed, People Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, New York Magazine, Business Insider, Salon, Refinery29, Huffington Post, and more!

Chris & Mel live in Tucson, Arizona with their two cats, Luna and Shelby, and their red foot tortoise, Torta and in what little spare time they have, enjoy exploring the alluring Sonoran Desert, hitting up local thrift stores, collecting and caring for plants, cooking together, and lounging by the pool.

Thank you for reading and we hope you have a blast checking out our line!