Meet Bonnie!

Hello! I’m Bonnie, the Social Media Manager at Turtle’s Soup. It’s my job to run Tiktok, Instagram, and Pinterest. I film and edit the videos, write captions, and answer all your DMs! It’s so exciting getting to show off our new sticker launches, different decorating ideas, and the creative things that our fans make with our products. I’m so proud to be a part of the Turtle Team!

In my personal life, I spend my free time working on various art projects and playing lots of video games. I love petting my cat Yuki, drawing robots, and eating soft pretzels. I like to go on bike rides around Tucson when the weather is nice, and sometimes I see rabbits, lizards, and raccoons!

Currently playing: Pikmin 3
Now watching: Blue Period
Listening to: Hayley Kiyoko

Some of Bonnie's Recent Work