Meet Chris!

Hey there! I'm Chris, the General Manager and Co-Founder of Turtle's Soup. As a growing company, we all wear many hats around here. My day to day usually includes customer service, maintaining our websites, setting agendas for our team, problem solving, entirely too many spreadsheets, and annoying everyone with my weird Spotify playlists on the office speaker.

In my personal life, I enjoy going to shows, reading, thrifting, visiting arcades, basketball, and playing bass. The rest of the time, you can probably find me chilling out at home with my 3 cats Hamilton, Sneakers, and Marzipan. I'm also (obviously) a big time sticker nerd and love collecting stickers from all of my favorite artists and fandoms. In addition to stickers, I'm always trying to expand my collection of records and retro video games.

Currently Playing: Rocket League
Now Watching: The Walking Dead
Listening To: Origami Angel