Meet Sofia!

Hello pals, my name is Sofia and I’m the project manager here at Turtle’s Soup. It entails lots of things like data entry, checking inventory, making sure things are running smoothly, but I think my biggest responsibility is occasionally bringing in my kitty cat Kiki to distract and entertain everyone.

In my personal time, I’m a fiend for jigsaw puzzles, board games, video games, baking, listening to weird French bops, and reading. I also enjoy napping while listening to creepy podcasts, as well as eating breakfast foods for all my meals. My home side gig is caring for Kiki and keeping up with her demands for fluffed up blankets she can make biscuits on.

Currently Playing: Dark Souls (because I like to suffer apparently)
Now (Re)Watching: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Listening to: Moodoid