Meet Stefany!

Howdy! I'm Stefany, an artist, designer, and writer at Turtle's Soup! I have a ton of different responsibilities at Turtle HQ, including creating product artwork, designing things like newsletters and flyers, writing each of our website's products descriptions, being the office's two times reigning Mario Kart champion, and more. I absolutely love being part of the Turtle Team, and I put a ton of love, humor, and creativity into everything I do here!
I am a recent University of Arizona grad with a degree in Illustration and Design and an avid artist in my personal life. I love to create funny comics, animations, and illustrations in a colorful, cartoony style. I also really love video games, spending time with friends, alt fashion, my dog Zena, getting chicken tenders with my sister, and using Turtle's Soup stickers to decorate every object I own.

Currently (Re)Playing: Danganronpa 2:Goodbye Despair
Now Watching: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Listening to: Beach Bunny

Some of Stefany's Recent Works